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Quais são os 5 produtos que vão reduzir drasticamente o teu uso de plástico?

O uso de plástico está muito presente no nosso dia a dia e parece que não há soluções e formas de o eliminar. Assim sendo, queremos mostrar que existem soluções! Por mais básicas que pareçam, estes 5 produtos vão reduzir drasticamente o teu uso de plástico e vão ajudar-te a ser uma pessoa mais sustentável.   Garrafa Reutilizável As garrafas de água reutilizáveis são consideradas a mudança sustentável mais fácil de se realizar e com um impacto ambiental significativo - reduzimos drasticamente o lixo de garrafas de plástico descartável. Todos sabemos o impacto que o plástico tem no nosso meio-ambiente. As imagens dos nossos oceanos cheios de garrafas e embalagens de plástico são alarmantes, por isso deixar de comprar garrafas...

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Friendly Hygiene: Dental Floss

Being designed not to tear, regular dental floss poses a major threat to the marine ecosystem.   Benefits of Bamboo Fiber Dental Floss (Bam&Boo) - Natural Antibacterial (helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria) - Peppermint Oil (prevents cavities and gum disease) - Charcoal Fiber (natural bleach) - Vegan & Cruelty-Free Benefits of Nylon Dental Floss (Babu) - Activated Charcoal (helps to remove impurities) Benefits of Plant-Based Dental Floss (TIO Care) - Castor Oil and Organic Coconut Oil with Natural Mint (antibacterial, fresh breath, natural mint flavor, against cavities, soothes gums) What is the best way to eliminate dental floss? - Bamboo Fiber Yarn (as bamboo fiber is biodegradable, you can include the yarn in the composting process) - Nylon thread...

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Friendly Hygiene: Solid Shampoo

About 552,000 shampoo bottles end up in landfills each year.   Benefits of Solid Shampoo: - Zero Waste, Vegan & Cruelty Free - Equals 2-3 packs or 40-80 washes (depends on size) How to use? Wet your hair, rub the wet soap between your hands to create suds, wash your hair and let the soap dry How to care for Solid Shampoo? The trick is to keep the soap as dry as possible while not being used. How can you do that? - Soap Base (a base, preferably with space for the water to drain) - Hanging (some brands already sell soaps with a thread through them, but if that doesn't happen, you can always pierce the soap at home...

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Friendly Hygiene: Bamboo Toothbrushes

Did you know that 1 normal toothbrush takes about 400 years to decompose.  If your brushes need to be changed every 3 months, imagine how many of your brushes are scattered around the planet – if you are 20 years old, we are considering 80 brushes, if you have 40 maybe it will be 160, and if you have 80, we are going to 320. .. Benefits of Bamboo Brush for Health - Natural Antibacterial (helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria) - Porous Material (prevents the contamination of fungi and bacteria)  - Bamboo (high concentration of silica that reinforces the work of calcium to build strong bones and teeth) Benefits of Bamboo Brush for the Environment - Grows quickly (between 3-5...

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Friendly Hygiene: Reusable Cleaning Disks

Did you know that 1kg of cotton can use up to 20,000L of water?   Benefits of Reusable Cleaning Disks for the Environment - Zero Waste, Vegan & Circular How to take care of cleaning discs (depends on brands) - Usually the discs can be washed in the washing machine (ideally in a special bag) at a hot temperature and even ironed at a low medium temperature - Discs can also be hand washed Cared for properly, discs can be used up to 250 times! What is the best way to get rid of cleaning disks? - Cardboard packaging (if it is biodegradable, it can be composted, if not, it can be put in the blue recycling bin) - Discs...

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