Friendly Hygiene: Reusable Cleaning Disks

Did you know that 1kg of cotton can use up to 20,000L of water?


Benefits of Reusable Cleaning Disks for the Environment

- Zero Waste, Vegan & Circular

How to take care of cleaning discs (depends on brands)

- Usually the discs can be washed in the washing machine (ideally in a special bag) at a hot temperature and even ironed at a low medium temperature

- Discs can also be hand washed

Cared for properly, discs can be used up to 250 times!

What is the best way to get rid of cleaning disks?

- Cardboard packaging (if it is biodegradable, it can be composted, if not, it can be put in the blue recycling bin)

- Discs (it depends a lot on the brands and the material used, and the best way to understand how to eliminate it is to contact the brand directly. However, we can say that, if composting is an option, it is worth cutting the disc into small pieces in order to accelerate the composting)

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