Friendly Hygiene: Bamboo Toothbrushes

Did you know that 1 normal toothbrush takes about 400 years to decompose.

 If your brushes need to be changed every 3 months, imagine how many of your brushes are scattered around the planet – if you are 20 years old, we are considering 80 brushes, if you have 40 maybe it will be 160, and if you have 80, we are going to 320. ..

Benefits of Bamboo Brush for Health

- Natural Antibacterial (helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria)

- Porous Material (prevents the contamination of fungi and bacteria) 

- Bamboo (high concentration of silica that reinforces the work of calcium to build strong bones and teeth)

Benefits of Bamboo Brush for the Environment

- Grows quickly (between 3-5 years from planting to harvesting)

- Spared (does not need much water or pesticides)

Adapted (grows in different environments)

- Eco-friendly (has a smaller carbon footprint than plastic)

- Biodegradable (takes about 6 months to decompose)

What is the best way to eliminate brushes?

- BPA-free Nylon bristles (there are few good biodegradable alternatives, the best way to eliminate the bristles is to cut them and put them in the yellow recycling bin)

- Bamboo Cable (Bamboo is biodegradable, the cable can be buried in a potted plant or in the ground near a tree, for example)

- Card Packaging (blue ecopoint) 


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