Let's talk about Sustainability?

The average atmospheric temperature of the Earth before the industrial revolution was approximately 14ºC. Currently, this value has risen by 1.5ºC and it is essential that it does not reach 2ºC. The consequences of this increase in temperature are devastating for the balance of our ecosystem, which is why it is so urgent to rethink our consumption and the way we interact with the environment.
For this reason, the word sustainability has never been mentioned as often as it is now. People are more aware of the impact of their actions and, as consumers, they increasingly demand that companies start to have more responsible and sustainable practices.

Let's talk about Sustainability?
By Mariana Guerra | 14ºC

Nevertheless, sustainable consumption has been talked about for some years now. This concept was first referred to in 1992 at the Rio Earth Summit, and then in 1994 at the Oslo Symposium, as:

“Use of services and products to respond to basic needs and create a better quality of life, minimizing the use of natural resources and toxic materials, as well as emissions of pollutants and waste throughout the life cycle of that service or product in a way that does not compromise the needs of future generations”.

Currently the most cited definition is that of the United Nations which defines sustainable development as “development that meets the needs of the present without compromising those of future generations.”

Sustainability focuses primarily on three areas: environmental health, social equity and economic growth in order to have healthy, diverse and successful communities.

It is also important to realize that these three components are interconnected and that is why we should not focus on just one, harming the others.

For this reason, sustainability for us is: The process that makes it possible to satisfy existing needs without harming future generations, guaranteeing the preservation of the environment and natural resources.

Aims to achieve a balance between environmental health, social equity and economic growth. It is necessary to find a balance where, for example, a company takes into account the impact that its activity has on the environment, trying to reduce it as much as possible, providing decent conditions and fair wages to its workers, while certifying that the company is economically viable.


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