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2 toothbrushes
2 toothbrushes
2 toothbrushes

TIO Care

2 toothbrushes

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 Every time you choose to use a Babu, you are not just brushing your teeth, you are part of a strong change and ensuring a better future for generations to come.


 Designed in a crescent shape in order to reach the most difficult spots creating a more effective brushing.

 Ergonomic Handle

 Designed to adapt perfectly to your hand and mouth so that their handling is perfect in the process of brushing your teeth.


 It is completely biodegradable! Unlike the traditional ones that take more than 400 years to decompose.

 It's natural antibacterial! It has in its constitution agents that prevent the proliferation of harmful bacteria. It is also a material without porosity, thus avoiding contamination by fungi and bacteria, thus contributing to a healthier oral hygiene.





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