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Organko Essential | Set 2 Bokashi Composters - Gray
Organko Essential | Set 2 Bokashi Composters - Gray
Organko Essential | Set 2 Bokashi Composters - Gray


Organko Essential | Set 2 Bokashi Composters - Gray

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The Bokashi composter kit by Organko Essential consists of two buckets of 15.3L each, made of recycled polypropylene, with a false bottom, a support base and a faucet.

In it, you can make the first stage of Bokashi composting (anaerobic fermentation) quickly and practically, whether in an apartment with or without a balcony, in a studio, in a house or in a condominium!

Bokashi accepts various types of organic waste, even those of animal origin. If you still don't know how to make Bokashi, we recommend that you take a Mudatuga workshop to be a ninja in the subject! With Organko Essential, you will be able to take care of your bio-waste even if you live in a small apartment. Do your part, help fight climate change and become a composting ninja!


💚 What are the features of this new composter? Basically the entire user experience has been improved! Check 👇

💅 Elegant and modern design!

💧 Now with a base to facilitate the collection of liquid biofertilizer (Bokashi tea) - you no longer need to "tilt" the composter!

♻️ Made now in 100% post-consumer recycled polypropylene!

🎈 Lighter and with a more practical lid!

💸 Cheaper than the previous kit!


PS: To make compost you always need 2 composters (watch the video to understand better). That's why MudaTuga sells the set and not the individual composter.



Volume: 15.3 L.

Faucet opens and closes to drain the liquid biofertilizer ("tea" from Bokashi) and prevent air from entering.

Colors: gray.

Material: 100% recycled polypropylene.


The 2 compost buckets are accompanied by the following items:

1 package of Bokashi bran (1 Kg);

1 spatula;

1 measuring spoon of bran;

1 collection cup of liquid biofertilizer;

1 instruction manual.



1 composter (without the removable base):  C:354 x W:282 x H:314.5 mm

1 composter with base: L:354 x W:282 x H:386.5 mm 

Kit of composters with base (one on top of the other): L:354 x W:282 x H:698 mm 



1 composter (without removable base): 1.12kg

1 composter with base: 1.51kg

Kit of composters with base (one on top of the other): 2.57kg


Manufactured in the European Union in accordance with the respective quality and safety standards.

Ebook on Bokashi Compost 



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