Friendly Hygiene: Dental Floss

Being designed not to tear, regular dental floss poses a major threat to the marine ecosystem.


Benefits of Bamboo Fiber Dental Floss (Bam&Boo)

- Natural Antibacterial (helps prevent the reproduction of bacteria)

- Peppermint Oil (prevents cavities and gum disease)

- Charcoal Fiber (natural bleach)

- Vegan & Cruelty-Free

Benefits of Nylon Dental Floss (Babu)

- Activated Charcoal (helps to remove impurities)

Benefits of Plant-Based Dental Floss (TIO Care)

- Castor Oil and Organic Coconut Oil with Natural Mint (antibacterial, fresh breath, natural mint flavor, against cavities, soothes gums)

What is the best way to eliminate dental floss?

- Bamboo Fiber Yarn (as bamboo fiber is biodegradable, you can include the yarn in the composting process)

- Nylon thread (yellow ecopoint)

- Plant-Based Wire (compostable)

- Glass Bottle (reuse or put in the green recycling bin)

- Cardboard Packaging (if it is biodegradable, it can be included in the composting process, if it cannot be recycled in the blue recycling bin) 


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